Measuring impact: OICR by the numbers

OICR leverages its funding to maximize impact

OICR builds on the investment made by the Ontario government by leveraging additional funds from the public and private sector to support $170.5 million in translational cancer research.

Leveraged funding

Where do these leveraged funds come from?

How FACIT and OICR leverage this funding

This funding helps to support researchers across the province.

OICR supports 1,858 highly qualified personnel at 20 Ontario institutions, and runs 19 programs in areas such as genomics, informatics, drug discovery, imaging and immunotherapy.

This funding supports research across a wide range of scientific interest.

Figure showing the Scientific Impact of OICR projects

This resulted in:

  • 517 publications in peer reviewed journals this year
  • 17 actively recruiting clinical trials that have enrolled more than 2,000 patients this year.

Here is how we're helping to improve the research environment to enable more cancer research:

Providing education and training

  • 4,067 people attended 78 educational events organized by OICR to share skills, training and knowledge.

Supporting collaboration with Big Data infrastructure

OICR's IT infrastructure supports large-scale collaborative research projects with partners in Ontario and around the world.

  • 8 petabytes of storage
    That's enough space for 27 years of 24/7 HD video recording
  • Over 10,000 compute cores
    Most computers have two to four cores
  • 50 terabytes of memory
    About 12,000x more than an average computer

Strengthening capacity

The Ontario Tumour bank added 1,500 news cases to its bank of 130,000 specimens. OTB samples have now supported over 250 research projects.
 Over 225,000 Ontarians have completed the online questionaire and 40,000 Ontarians have donated blood samples collected. The combined data is beig used to engag researchers fight chronic diseases such as cancer.

We work well with others

125 projects - more than 60% with Ontario partners

Our partners are:

Identifiy partners by sector

OICR leads and supports international initiatives

The ICGC has reached 17,000+ fully characterized donors from 21 primary sites. Data is being shared with qualified researchers around the world.

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health has brought together more than 485 organizations and 1,000 individual members from across more than 75 countries to enable the better sharing of genomic and health data.

OICR and FACIT work together to commercialize research

OICR partners with the Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust (FACIT) to commercialize research for the benefit of patients globally and the Ontario economy.

  • FACIT has provided $30M in total funding and equity investments
    (to date).

FACIT supported investments have successfully leveraged $286M in additional funding

Cumulative funding - Shows strong growth

Cumulative leveraged funds - all sources

We're creating high quality jobs

In 2016-17 - 268 jobs were maintained

Jobs in startup firms created by OICR/FACIT activities

  • 24 companies created by OICR/FACIT activities
    (since 2004)

Other economic activity arising from OICR/FACIT-funded activities in 2016/17

  • 1 patent awarded
  • 1 licence executed
  • 23 disclosures