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Annual Report 2017/18

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Minister Jim Wilson

Letter from the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

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Tom Closson

Letter from the Chair of the board

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Peter Goodhand

Letter from the President

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Making precision health research possible

The Tomorrow Project is collecting data on more than 300,000 Canadians over 25 years, enabling cancer research today and for years to come.

Read more about how OICR is helping lead Canada’s largest health research initiative

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Outsmarting tumour evolution

Not all cancer cells are created equally and not all cancer cells evolve in the same way. OICR’s new Adaptive Oncology initiative is developing a better understanding of cancer to predict its next move.

Learn about how OICR is working to outmaneuver cancer and treat it before it progresses

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Conducting and enabling research

36 actively recruiting clinical trials supported by OICR 517 Publications this year
17 recruiting clinical trials17 recruiting clinical trials
2000 Patients recruited to clinical trials2000 Patients recruited to clinical trials

Opening new portals to life-saving data

With the overabundance of genomic and clinical data, researchers need the right tools to sort through datasets and find the exact information they need.

Find out how OICR is making data accessible to researchers around the world

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Blazing the path to commercialization

Bringing a new drug discovery from the lab to the clinic requires collaboration with different specializations and areas of expertise.

Find out how OICR and FACIT are bringing a new, first-in-class drug to leukemia patients

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OICR's Next Generation of Researchers

The future of cancer research

Read about five up-and-coming Ontario researchers who are already leading their fields.

Meet the next generation

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OICR's 2017-18 unaudited financial statements are available Download the report [PDF].

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