A Message from the Honourable Jim Wilson
Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

Jim WilsonIt is my pleasure to thank everyone at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research for their hard work and dedication in the global fight against cancer.

Every year, nearly 14 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, and nearly eight million people will die from the disease. Together with over 250 scientists and researchers, the institute is bringing new treatments, therapies and hope to cancer patients and their families.

In partnership with the province’s research community, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research leads the development and implementation of important learnings, products, services and policies to improve cancer detection, prevention and treatment. The institute attracts talented scientists from across the province and increases their access to study groups, research materials and commercialization experts to move their discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic.

This year, the Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust invested in a world-leading genomics cloud computing technology, Heliotrope, to build a new tool for cancer care in Ontario. Partnerships like these, developed at the institute, are advancing new discoveries and moving projects to the real world for the benefit of Ontario’s patients and our economy.

Congratulations on a successful year. I am confident that you will continue to shape the future of cancer research so that patients everywhere can live longer, healthier lives.


Jim Wilson