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Annual Report 2018/19

Translating cancer research means bringing the best research discoveries to patients. That’s at the core of what we do at OICR.

Working with partners across Ontario and around the world, we ensure Ontario’s most significant cancer research discoveries have maximum impact for patients and the province’s economy. This year’s OICR Annual Report highlights just a few of our research teams’ many successes over the past year and shows how these collaborative efforts are improving cancer research and cancer care across the globe.

A DNA plot

New clues to cancer in the genome’s other 99 per cent

OICR leads more than 700 researchers from around the world in an unprecedented investigation into the dark matter of the human cancer genome.

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A high end gene sequencer

OCTANE fuels a future of precision medicine in Ontario

Next-generation sequencing and targeted cancer therapies have shown remarkable promise in treating cancer, but their use in the clinic is not yet widespread.

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Ontario’s cancer research ecosystem in action: A billion dollar deal and a potential new drug for leukemia

Laszlo at the podium

In January 2019, years of work by OICR’s Drug Discovery team and their Ontario collaborators on a new potential drug for leukemia culminated in the signing of a deal with Celgene Corporation worth up to $1 billion (USD). This partnership demonstrates how Ontario’s research ecosystem and the collaborative spirit of its researchers are pushing the development of cutting-edge cancer therapies to help patients worldwide and boosting Ontario’s economy. The path they took to this achievement is a unique, made-in-Ontario story.

MinION Sequencer

A new paradigm in genome sequencing

Astronauts are sequencing genomes in space and analyzing them at an unprecedented rate. OICR's Dr. Jared Simpson helps make that happen.

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Dr. David Palma

Altering the landscape of lung cancer trials

Radiation therapy is highly effective at killing cancer cells but also kills healthy cells, causing serious side effects and limiting treatment. Research is underway to improve radiation treatment and make it more precise.

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FUSION Molecule

Fusing discovery, collaboration and commercialization

Fusion Pharmaceuticals, a Hamilton-based start up specializing in targeted radiopharmaceuticals, raises $105 million USD and launches their first-in-human clinical trial.

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OICR Drug Discover Lab

Maximizing Ontario’s cancer drug discovery research

Ontario is home to many talented cancer biology and drug discovery researchers. OICR's Cancer Therapeutics Innovation pipeline helps foster the most promising discoveries from across the province to create new cancer therapies for Ontario patients and patients around the world.

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The next generation

Jeff Wintersinger

Jeff Wintersinger

Sometimes, starting from scratch is the best way forward.

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Salma Dammak

For Salma, using technology to change lives is the ultimate goal.

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Shimin Shuai

Shimin is finding new clues to prevent and treat cancer by analyzing the "junk DNA".

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Corby Fink

Corby is working to develop new cell-based immunotherapies for cancer.

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OICR's 2018-19 unaudited financial statements are available Download the report [PDF].

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